Art Gallery
Tips on how to buy art:                                          
» Never buy the first time you see anything (even a 30 minute break is worth it).
» Do not buy from galleries whose main business is framing or anyone identifying themselves as an art consultant.
» Do not buy from auctions that are used as fundraisers for charity.
» Do not buy at local "art fairs".
» Do not buy from department stores.
» Do not buy art as an investment.
    (Art may be and often is a good investment but only if well bought and held for some time. Fine art should be treated as an estate item not something for immediate resale. Well-bought pieces can always be traded or returned to the seller or dealer.)
» Do not buy from anyone who will not take it back either as a repurchase or for full value in an upgrade of your collection.
» Decide on the type of art you like and then ask yourself if it violates the above rules. Ask someone knowledgeable if what you like is good. Remember, your decorator may know nothing at all about art objects except whether they fit into their visual scheme of things. Bad art by a big name is still bad art. Do your homework. Learn as much as possible about the area of fine arts you have chosen. Buy the best quality you can afford.
» Do not forget to check out up and coming artists. You will be able to buy a quality piece at half the price before the artist becomes known.
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